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A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

         ~ Thomas Mann

Only 60 days left in 2020! Vote, eat some turkey, and get some writing accomplished!


KRW Welcomes Its New(ish) Board

Thank you to all our members who voted. We had a fantastic turnout. Our Board of Directors for 2021 is as follows:

President: Charmaine Coombs

President-Elect: Mysti Parker

Secretary: Alison Atlee

Treasurer: Krissie White



Kickstart Your Writing during NaNoWriMo

-- by Krissie White (writing as Evie Jamison)

You're a writer. That's what you tell yourself, at least in your more optimistic moments. On bad days, well...we all know what sorts of terrible things can fill our heads. I won't give space to all the lies here.

But the truth is...you're a writer. You joined KRW (or are subscribing to this newsletter--that counts, too). You've probably taken classes. You want to improve. You want to get better. And, bottom line, you want to write.

Unfortunately, writing doesn't come easy. We can find all sort of things we find easier to do--browsing the internet, binge-watching Outlander, rearranging all your books into alphabetical order, possibly performing brain surgery.

And then we get closer to November and are reminded that NaNoWriMo exists. For some, NaNo is a fantastic opportunity to set a goal and see it through, easy-breezy. Some see it as a fun challenge, a way to get some extra words down on the page, and a time to support and receive support from other writers. Others approach Nano like they're preparing to climb Mt. Everest with a tanktop, shackled feet, and a rice cake for food. (That would be me. Lots of swearing is involved.) Others avoid it all together. Whatever camp you fall into, NaNo, whether you participate or not, provides an opportunity to reflect upon your writing habits and make them better.* 

NaNo does take a little extra thought than your typical month of writing, particularly if you have your heart set on penning 50,000 words. It averages to 1667 words per day! And Thanksgiving is towards the end of the month, so you may have to plan around that to boot.

So what are some good tips for a successful NaNo?

1) Make a plan. Even if you're a total pantser, some planning is required. Day One is not the day to create your characters. It's definitely not the time to do historical research. (In fact, novels that require a lot of research are particularly tricky to write during NaNo. Contemporary, "real world" settings tend to make for faster writing.) If you want your plot to make any sense, you need to do some preparation. An outline, no matter how much you may hate them, is a fantastic idea. If there is research to be done, get it out of the way early. But even a list of character names and a general direction for the story is better than nothing.

2) Once you start writing, do not go back to edit. You've probably already heard similar advice in general, but during NaNo, no editing is critical. You are trying to get as many words on the page as possible, and if you keep backtracking, you aren't going to get there. Tell you inner-editor to take a hike.

3) Find some friends to cheer you on! (*cough* KRW Zoom Mondays *cough*). The process is made easier when you can find the support of likeminded writing friends.

4) Get ahead when you can. Look, there are going to be days when you fall behind. So, if you have the opportunity, particularly early in the month, to get ahead on your writing, take it!

5) Turn everything off. No Internet, no TV, no texting, no phone calls, during your dedicated writing time. Even during the rest of your day, limiting these things may stir you to better creativity. The more time you can spend on your book--even if it's just thinking about it--the more likely you're going to hit your goal.

6) Create a routine. Find a way to make writing part of your everyday schedule and stick to it.

7) Stay positive, and give yourself a little grace. There are going to be bad days. There may even be bad weeks. Heck, you might feel like the whole month of November is a bust. Don't be too hard on yourself. Think about giving yourself mini-rewards for certain benchmarks. Maybe it's every 5000 words you get a chocolate bar. Maybe at 10,000 you get a trip to Starbucks or  to the bookstore. Find little ways to reward yourself, and don't sweat it too much on the days you fall short. NaNo should be about positive reinforcement, not finding ways to be down on yourself.

*If anyone reading this believes their writing habits are perfect, please don't tell me.


Monday NaNoWriMo Buddies

KRW is having weekly meetings on Monday nights during November for those participating in NaNo. (And we won't turn down anyone who isn't signed up for NaNo but wants to get in some writing time, too.) We're meeting at 8:00pm via Zoom for an hour, though people are welcome to stay longer.

To get your NaNo game on, here is the Zoom link:

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85457332333?pwd=aXZVdmFCZmFQWjJZN3BtT09kNlROUT09 Meeting ID: 854 5733 2333 Passcode: 864037



If you haven't accepted your invitation to our Google Group, please do so! If your link has expired, send an email to KRW@kentuckianaromancewriters.com.

Also, if you have something you'd like included in our "Member News," be it an upcoming or recently published book, an award, etc., send us an email!


November Meeting

Our next meeting is on Saturday, November 21, at 11:00am. Our General Meeting will begin at 11:00AM, followed by our educational programming.

This month, Marilyn Barr will be presenting "Tips and Tricks for Writing Characters with Differences." Writing characters who have differing ability levels from the author can be a minefield.  While the #ownvoices movement has encouraged authors with disabilities to tell their own stories, what is an author to do if one of their beloved characters is permanently injured by an accident or has a child with a congenital disability?  These topics are not off-limits and can be written with respect and authenticity using proper research.  This talk will guide the writer through research techniques and interview questions to obtain the most accurate portrayals for their characters.  Topics include finding the most comfortable language, what to ask therapists or caregivers (and what is not theirs to tell), how to describe struggles without creating a victim, and finding resources in the community.

Marilyn Barr has a diverse background containing experiences as a child prodigy turned medical school reject, biodefense microbiologist, high school science teacher, homeschool mother of a savant, and advocate for the autistic community.  Her life experiences with sensory processing disorder, the autism spectrum, and her associated eating disorders are described in her debut novel Strawberry Shifters Book 1: Bear with Me.  The Strawberry Shifters series contains heroes of all body-types and ability levels.  It touches on topics such as life after amputations, social anxiety from speech impediments, PTSD, drug addictions, fat-shaming, and inclusion of those with differences into small-town America.

To join: 


Meeting ID: 853 4636 1124
Passcode: 657484


KRW Member News

New member Kat Turner's debut paranormal romance released on September 15th from City Owl Press! 

In Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll, a novice witch botches her first spell and accidentally hexes her celebrity crush, falling for him while battling the deadly curse. Can she defeat the evil force before he becomes its next victim? 

Keep up with Kat's sexy romances with a modern edge at https://katturnerauthor.com/


In Marilyn Barr's Strawberry Shifters series, the Strawberry community has lived as a safe haven for paranormal misfits and vampires while the pharmaceutical world is wondering what the secret is to small town Bergan Pharma's overnight success. The community of paranormal creatures work in harmony until the Fae decide to put a Sluagh prison on the edge of town.  Now vampires and shifters must work together to exterminate the soul-sucking Sluagh and take back their territory. 

A new home, A fresh start, and magical secrets that could destroy them. Bear with Me, Book 1 of the Strawberry Shifters series debuted earlier this year. Check out Grant and Alison's story at www.marilynbarr.com

How much do you owe the man who rescues you from the Sluagh? Book 2 of the Strawberry Shifter series, Round of Applause releases December 7, 2020. Find out more about Aurora, James, and Nate at www.marilynbarr.com.


What's Happening in Romancelandia in November

A sliver of online happenings this month in Romance and the broader writing world:

We're No Angels: An Afternoon of Romance, Sunday, November 1, 3pmWho says you can't be both angelic and devious? Join us for an afternoon of romance! Panel includes Eloisa James, Lenora Bell, Megan Framton, Sophie Jordan, Diana Quincy & Olivia Waite. Tickets $5

Romance Writers Panel, Thursday, November 5, 6:30-7:30pm. Celebrate National Novel Writing Month with authors all month long! Join romance authors Cathy Maxwell, Sophie Jordan, Farrah Rochon, and Kharma Kelley for a Q&A panel. 

Kentucky Book Festival, November 9-14. The KBF will deliver a fantastic variety of online sessions with John Grisham, Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn, J. R. Ward, Nikky Finney, Terry Brooks, Margaret Verble, David Blight, Silas House, and more. 



If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at krw@kentuckianaromancewriters.com.