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Happy October, reader, from KRW!

Read on to see what's going on in Kentuckiana Romancelandia!

October General Meeting

Stephanie Feger has tailored her Author EmPact Marketing Model specifically to selling romance books for us. She will go over the 3 rings of success from her book, how much social media is the 'sweet spot' for romance writers, and answer specific marketing questions. This is not a meeting to miss!

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A Look Ahead...

Writing in an anthology is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have as an author...when it's planned appropriately. Join in on the ground floor as we decide the theme, parameters, timeline, charity, and nuts & bolts of KRW's first charity anthology. Let's build up our newest authors' followings, create a legacy for our group, learn the skills behind organizing author group projects, and do something fantastic for our community.

Member News

R Sullins will release her latest novel, The Nightmare King, on October 31st.
On My Knees, by Kristin Lee, a steamy brother's best friend, fake dating sports romance, will release on October 14.
What Kind of Fool, the second book in J.L. Minyard's Penn Warren University series is currently available to preorder.
Kat Turner's Inferno, book 5 of the Coven Daughters paranormal romance series, releases October 10th!
Betrothed to the Yeti: A Monster Brides Romance by Marilyn Barr releases on October 15.


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