Happy September, reader, from KRW!


“Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet.”

         ~ Anonymous

Only 121 days left in 2020! No matter what the year may bring, let's hope we get a little writing accomplished. If we can just stay off the Internet...


Elections are coming!

We will be holding our elections in October. Those elected will take office in January of 2021. Every position is on deck, and we need volunteers--we've already had a couple, but the more the merrier. Please submit your name to Charmaine (tccoombs@aol.com)  by September 30. All members may run for any office for this election.

Please note that the term-lengths have changed slightly. The relevant portions of the bylaws are posted below. Also, please note that we will be electing the office of Secretary for a special term of one year only because this is an even-calendar year. You can see the entirety of the bylaws and the expectations of each position on our website in the "Members Area". If you need the password, it is posted in our Google Group or you can email krw@kentuckianaromancewriters.com.

5.3.1 President. The term of President is for one year. If a President elects to extend the term to serve a second year, the President must submit such election in writing to the Board of Directors at least 45 days prior to the date of the annual election. The second term must be approved by a two-thirds 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors. The President may not elect to extend the presidential term to a third year.

5.3.2 President-Elect. The term of President-Elect is for one year unless the then-President extends the term of Presidency to two years with the Board's approval as outlined above. If the then-President chooses to serve two years, then the term of President-Elect will be two years.

5.3.3 Secretary. The Secretary shall serve a term of two years. Elections for the position of Secretary shall occur in odd-calendar years.

5.3.4 Treasurer. The Treasurer shall serve a term of two years. Elections for the position of Treasurer shall occur in even-calendar years.


What's new?

As mentioned above, we've added a "Members Area" to our website. In addition to finding the bylaws, we will post links to other information such as our "KRW Library," presentations, etc.

If you haven't accepted your invitation to our Google Group, please do so! And if your link has expired, send an email to Krissie White at KRW@kentuckianaromancewriters.com.


September Meeting

We have our second meeting on Saturday, September 26, at 11:00am. Our General Meeting will begin at 11:00AM, followed by our educational programming.

This month's online programming will be "Romance Confidential: Private Investigation," a Q&A session with Sue Spaulding. Sue owns Confidential Investigations & Surveillance (www.kyspy.com), a full-service private detective firm that covers all of Kentucky. 

Private detectives are a staple in romantic suspense novels, but Sue's knowledge can be helpful to those who write in other genres. Come prepared to ask your questions about the life of private investigator, common themes she sees in any topic from custody disputes to criminal behavior, etc.

To Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 833 6688 2372
Passcode: 188967



If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at krw@kentuckianaromancewriters.com. Krissie is waiting by her computer.